Complicit Productions explores contemporary social issues through improvised theatre performance and workshops.

Standards of Care

We believe in a duty of care towards ourselves and our audience and so we work to not propagate systemic violence where it is not central to our story, and to do so as responsibly as we can where it is. We do not accept that it is necessary in the name of historical accuracy to unquestioningly replicate historical or contemporary sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of oppression. We have taken this approach because we believe that such propagation is an act of violence and a tactic of exclusion in itself, in recognition of the fact that our perceptions of "historical accuracy" are themselves highly whitewashed, and because those stories are trite and boring and there is an infinite universe of more interesting stories out there. We acknowledge that our efforts will almost certainly fall short owing to our internalized biases and the unpredictable on-the-spot nature of improvisation, and we pledge to always hold space for good-faith feedback and critique. We will not apologize for discomfort which arises from naming abusive, oppressive, and complicit behavior unless it is done in a way which is itself abusive, oppressive, or seeking to absolve ourselves from complicity.