Demimonde will tell stories set in the parallel 19th century Parisian social sphere inhabited by artists, actors, and courtesans. Inspired by books such as The Courtesan and the Gigolo (by Aaron Freundschuh) and The Mistress of Paris (by Catherine Hewitt), we will explore the social interplay of the official Monde, with its observed protocols and hierarchies, with the unofficial, but ever-present, Demimonde. France in the late 19th century was grappling with virtually every issue we are dealing with today: civil rights, violence against marginalized groups, racism and anti-Semitism, colonialism and imperialism (and the consequences of colonial violence “back home”), nationalism, even the interplay of domestic gun control policy with the profitable global arms industry. Demimonde will inhabit a historically accurate, unwhitewashed, diverse Paris.

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